जिंदगी एक मिली है ।

अरमानों के अपने पंख हैं,
खवाबों की अपनी उड़ानें।
खुद छू लेंगीं वो आसमां,
तुम उन्हें आजाद तो करो।
शर्तें अपनी बनाओ,
हिसाब अपने लगाओ।
एक बार खुद पर,
एतवार तो करो।
जिंदगी एक मिली है,
बातों में आ दूसरों की,
इसे यूहीं जाया-बरबाद ना करो।
खुल कर जियो।
मन के बंधनों से मुक्त हो,
खुद को आबाद तो करो।


47 thoughts on “जिंदगी एक मिली है ।

  1. I’m not sure I understand the poem, it could be the essence was lost in translation… but I could feel the flow… so tell me: were you saying that that we have one life to live, so we should live it to the full… that our dreams can set us free… that we should not allow others to hold us back but… and that by populating ourselves, we can make ourselves more than we think we are…

    How close, or how far did the flow take me?

    I was having the same problem with the poem called ‘The Female Mind.’

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    1. अरमानों के अपने पंख हैं
      (Like any bird)Dreams have their own wings.
      खवाबों की अपनी उड़ानें।
      Dreams have their own flight.
      खुद छू लेंगीं वो आसमां ,
      They will touch the sky by their own.
      तुम उन्हें आजाद तो करो ।।
      But one thing you will have to do is set them free. (And don’t just keep them inside. )
      शर्तें अपनी बनाओ ,
      (((Like birds) only you should)) set your own rules or boundaries.
      हिसाब अपने लगाओ ।
      You (should) calculate your risk by using your own wisdom.
      एक बार खुद पर ,
      एतवार तो करो ।
      Atleast for once (stop listening others and) believe in yourself.
      जिंदगी एक मिली है
      You got only one life .
      बातों में आ दूसरों की ,
      इसे यूहीं जाया- बरबाद ना करो।
      So do not waste it by getting involve in others’ talk ((and by giving control of your life to others .People tell you to do only those things what they can do or did . But your life should be based on your imagination and not theirs. (Like in most family , parents try to manipulate their children dreams or life according to their wish even when they know what child really wants to do is different from parent’s dream.))
      खुल कर जियो ।
      So live freely
      मन के बंधनों से मुक्त हो ,
      Release yourself from the mind traps( which mostly constructed by others in our mind by continously telling us about limitations.)
      खुद को आबाद(meaning privilege and not populating )तो करो ।
      (Atleast for once give yourself all these liberty of believing in yourself and set yourself free from any restriction and) make yourself privilege( of living life of your dream or your will.)

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      1. Thank you…! The flow of the poem, and my sprinkling of understanding told me it was a beautiful poem… but now… now I know how beautiful it is… so again… thank you…

        The more I get acqcainted with your work, the more I feel I will be at home with it, and translation will no more be a major issue…

        I wonder… if I can take the liberty of asking you to lead me by hand through the other poem that I was having difficulty with…? If not,

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