Parikalpna / परिकल्पना

I am very happy and feeling proud to introduce my First Coffee Table Book named- Parikalpna. 💃💃
This book is very unique and beautiful because it is full with lovely quotes and eye catching colorful prints and images. This book is able to keep you engage because of its beauty. So, it is very suitable for any reception or waiting area or lawn table.
In this book, I tried my best to reach the zenith of my creativity. And I Hope you will love this too.❤❤

Title: Parikalpna
ISBN: 9781685381073
Format: Paperback
Book Size: 8.5/8.5
Page Count: 100

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62 thoughts on “Parikalpna / परिकल्पना

      1. You are always welcome.
        Stay blessed. Publish more books.
        I will learn the steps “How to publish books”
        Even you can share about your experience in publishing Books 📚
        Thank you so much. Best wishes 🙂🙏

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      1. Your book , as you said , is good looking , beautiful due to nice and bold printings . Similarly , your book is full of beautiful quotes but you have not written a single word about the content of your book .. Madam ! That is important . If it is full of dialogues of good Hindi Film like ‘ ANDHA KANUN ‘. Then it would be of what uses for us . So , Madam ! Please let us know about its content in brief ; so that we could feel , at least , proud of that that our sister is creating a Magnum Opus as such . Thanks !


        1. This is a coffee table book and contains quotes and poems with colorful pictures.

          In book quotes and poems are mostly about feelings of love, pain, philosophical thoughts, inspiration, life and environment.

          If you are really interested in this book, you can go through the links I have attached. In Google play you can even see the free sample of some of the quotes of this book.


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