My First Hindi Novel – Faisla/फैसला

My First Hindi Novel – Faisla/फैसला

This book titled ‘Faisla‘ is a hindi novel. The story of this novel shows the different emotions of human beings and the struggle they have in life regarding relationships and bonds. At every step in life, a person has to take some decision or the other. But any decision of a human being has an effect on him/her as well as the people associated with him/her. This novel is also the story of some of those decisions and the changes that take place in the lives of the characters because of them. This story includes all the sorrows, joys, love, hate, hopes, duties, which are part of any ordinary life. I wish readers of this book will love this story.

Title: Faisla
ISBN: 9781684876259
Book Size: 5.5*8.5
Page Count: 78

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Parikalpna / परिकल्पना

I am very happy and feeling proud to introduce my First Coffee Table Book named- Parikalpna. 💃💃
This book is very unique and beautiful because Its full with lovely quotes and eye catching colorful prints and images. This book is able to keep you engage because of its beauty, So very suitable for any reception or waiting area or lawn table.
In this book, I tried my best to reach the zenith of my creativity. And I Hope you will love this too.❤

Title: Parikalpna
ISBN: 9781685381073
Format: Paperback
Book Size: 8.5/8.5
Page Count: 100

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मैं इंतजार करूंगी..कि तुम लौट आओगे।

मैं इंतजार करूंगी..
कि तुम लौट आओगे।

तुम लौट आओगे,
अपनी मीठी बातें जेबों मे भर।

तुम लौट आओगे,
मुझे जो पंसद है
वो प्यारी सी मुस्कान
अपने होठों पर रख।

तुम लौट आओगे,
खुशियाँ मेरी सारी
अपने कांधे पर धर।

तुम लौट आओगे,
आंखों में जो मेरी
तुमसे मिलने की आस है
उसकी लाज़ रख।

तुम लौट आओगे,
जानकर मेरी, सिर्फ तेरा हो जाने की हठ।
तुम लौट आओगे।

मैं इंतजार करूंगी..
कि तुम लौट आओगे।